Dan Corson
Wave, Rave, Cave

Northeast corner of Western Avenue and Bell Street under Aurora Avenue

Seattle City Light 1% Percent for Art funds

Fantastic waves emerge from the ground under the Highway 99 viaduct. Inspired by the proximity of the Sound and the cavern-like appearance of the space, artist Dan Corson created forms that evoke both the undulations of open water as well as the geological phenomenon of stalagmites. Covered in pea gravel, the site is a textured, gray field during the day. At night, the space, lit by colorful, rotating lights, takes on a disco vibe, a nod to the vibrant nightlife of the Belltown neighborhood.

Corson states: "This dank, cave-like place was just calling for movement and something playful. I liked linking the waves to stalagmites and, with the easy addition of 'psychedelic' lighting, the space transforms into an urban nightclub installation (by way of Carlsbad Caverns). Wave Rave Cave combines Belltown's rich history of Bohemian artists, nightclubs and raves with its new upscale loft urban life on the edge of the water. Like ghosts of the past that come out only at night, this piece provides two very different views of this changing neighborhood."