Dana Lynn Louis

Northgate Branch, Seattle Public Library
10548 Fifth Ave. N.E.

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Colorful circles of green, pink, blue, yellow and red collide and overlap as they collect in a mass of cells on the frosted glass window integrated into the Northgate Library book drop. With its lustrous quality and reminiscent of stained glass windows, this collection of kaleidoscopic forms represents the accumulation of knowledge contained in the library's walls. Delicately etched over the disks are language-like markings, indecipherable yet familiar, also evoking the written material to be discovered inside.

In Circulation, artist Dana Lynn Louis "refers to the collection, digestion and disbursement of knowledge that occurs on a daily basis at the library." In all her art Louis enjoys "highlighting the energy of a place; pulling viewers around a corner or across a street, inviting them to look at space in a new way." In particular, public art such as Circulation is an "opportunity to acknowledge the interconnectedness of art in our daily lives."