Linda Haworth
"Collections" Objects, Experiences, Memories

Lake City Branch Branch, Seattle Public Library
12501 28th Ave. N.E.

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Marbles, bottles, arrowheads, musical instruments and mathematical equations are some of the 21 unique objects molded into the clear glass panels that greet visitors to the Lake City Library. Inspired by the library's collection of books, the artist Linda Haworth assembled transparent images of disparate items in a collage based on real mementos accumulated by community members. Capturing the personality of the neighborhood through miscellaneous keepsakes, these glass panels create an intriguing visual record of the community.

For Haworth, collections are about memories that are personal yet universally understood. These panels represent "the magic of the first sighting of a butterfly in the garden, the beauty and awe we feel living amongst the trees through the seasons, and the story of...waiting to view an elk through the cool dawn mist with your first love." Haworth carefully created the glass to retain process marks and surface texture. The glass retains the personal, well-worn feeling of a much-loved memory made manifest in a collection that incorporates the character of the Lake City community.