Monad Elohim
Sleepy Goat

Madrona Branch
1134 33rd Ave.

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Monad Elohim's glazed ceramic Sleepy Goat peacefully rests atop the Madrona Library's stacks, whimsically sporting a colorful jacket, headdress and shoes. The goat's splayed legs, drooping head and soft smile capture the outward indications of a contented dreamer. Elohim, a long-time Madrona resident, created Sleepy Goat as a part of his Dreams series, which features sleeping animals. Says Elohim: "When I created Sleepy Goat I made its eyes closed. This symbolizes the power of concentration and how it can be used to make dreams come true. I feel that if a person can dream positive thoughts, and visualize them with consistency of effort, it may eventually materialize in this world."