Kristin Tollefson
Catch + Release

Magnolia Branch
2801 34th Ave. W.

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Created by artist Kristin Tollefson, Catch + Release is a two-part steel and resin sculpture that figuratively connects both the indoor and outdoor environs of the Magnolia Library. A large woven wire branch studded with over-sized red and orange resin "berries" hangs from the ceiling inside the library's meeting room and gestures towards the window. Viewers peering through the window will see the branch's counterpart, a wire basket in the library's south garden. The basket contains additional resin berries in its vertical ribs that appear to have been gathered from the branch inside. An angled spotlight on the branch casts a long shadow and pale color fields on the south interior wall. The exterior basket is lit from below, illuminating the translucent berries at night.

Tollefson states: "The madrona tree around which the original building and landscape architecture was designed provides the conceptual framework for Catch + Release." The title, she continues, "refers to the actions of fruiting and gathering, paired activities of [both] nature and humans that work as a metaphor for the relationship between library as information provider and patrons as collectors and disseminators."