Richard Elliott
5 Neons

Wallingford Branch, Seattle Public Library
1501 N. 45th St.

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Five neon signs with symbols of multiple literary and scientific disciplines hang in the front window and welcome visitors to the library. Created by Richard Elliott, the signs include a blue globe, a green puzzle piece, a yellow atom, a red Egyptian eye and a white "at" sign. Inspired by patterns, symbols and rhythms found globally across cultures, the designs are accessible to everyone yet still retain their deeper representational significance.

The artist's career has been spent "discovering and expressing a profound personal relationship with the cosmos." Elliott's 5 Neons are an articulation of his creative journey which has led to not only "the development of a unique artistic style, but to a realization that humans, ever since they have been human, have also been struggling with visually expressing a profound relationship to the cosmos."One of the most important factors underlying the content of the neon signs is their incorporation of design elements used "by cultures from all corners of the world and at all times."