George Legrady
Making Visible the Invisible

Central Library
1000 Fourth Avenue

Libraries for All Bond 1% for Art

George Legrady created an electronic installation, featuring four visualizations, which maps the circulation of Central Library, revealing the community's collective reading interests. The work is presented on six large liquid crystal display screens on the glass wall above the librarians' reference desk in the Charles Simonyi Mixing Chamber.

The first visualization, Statistics, shows the number of books and other material such as DVDs, CDs and videos that patrons have checked out both within the past hour and the day. The background color of the visualization changes throughout the day to note the passage of time.

The second visualization, Floating Titles, consists of the titles of books and other materials that patrons have checked out in the past hour.

The third visualization, Dewey Dot Matrix, shows the titles divided into the Dewey Decimal system's classifications from 000 to 999. The titles of non-Dewey items such as fiction books float from the top to the bottom of the screen.

The fourth visualization, Keyword Map, captures and displays keywords for items patrons have checked out.