Heather Dew Oaksen

Northeast Branch
6801 35th Ave. N.E.

Libraries for All Bond 1% for Art

Artist Heather Dew Oaksen has replaced three ordinary walls in the Northeast Branch library with screens that act as the backdrop to projected images of everyday objects. The images are abstracted with innovative viewpoints and bright colors. Situated prominently within the children's section, computer area and general stacks, Oaksen's silent slideshows center on the library and neighborhood themes of "gather," "move" and "discover."

The artist states: "I am interested in developing images that are more abstract by way of their unexpected scale, use of light, point of view or perspective. [The] images will be less representative or literal, leaning toward metaphoric, thereby challenging the viewer to see in new ways, to make discoveries. The active, visually stimulating nature of the library environment calls for a more meditative set of images - images that move slowly or change in subtle ways, such as shades of colors, or gradual transformations of shapes. My hope is twofold: that a visitor may not notice everything about an image set all at once but may need several visits to detect the variations; and that the imagery provokes the kind of curiosity and sense of exploration that brings a patron to the library in the first place."