Katherine Kerr

Southwest Branch
9010 35th Ave. S.W.

Libraries for All Bond 1% for Art

Lining the arcaded entrance to the Southwest Branch library are five cast bronze cupped hands emerging from vertical bronze panels. Each hand holds items identified by area residents and library patrons as objects of value including a child's hand and ancient arrowheads. Words and stories inspired by the objects are etched in granite panels set into the entryway. The work conveys the ideas of literacy, community, family and cultural history via a physical feature to which we can all relate.

Artist Katherine Kerr states, "The gesture of the open hand is a universal sign of welcome. The hand which exposes a cherished dream, a precious object of privately held belief, takes a stand on what is important. One hand holds a personal idea or object. When it is joined with others, a larger value system emerges. An assembly of such hands begins a story about the community the library serves, and offers a window into the repository of knowledge and values the community members hold."