Fernanda D'Agostino and Valerie Otani
Into the Green Wood

Greenwood Branch, Seattle Public Library
8016 Greenwood Ave. N.

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Richly-colored stained glass windows decorated with diverse and striking photographs and illustrations illuminate the reading, study and meeting rooms of Greenwood Library. Faces and hands of Greenwood residents are juxtaposed with pages of foreign text, old woodblock prints and handwritten journal entries, each with a special connection to the Northwest. Together they form a graceful tapestry interwoven with color, images and meaning.

Stacked layers formed by glass and image allude to the pages of books, once called "talking leaves" by some Native American peoples. The artists built on this idea and included references to page, text and leaf motifs in the stained glass collages. The themes refer to the richness and depth of learning opportunities inherent at the library. The piece's title, Pathways into the Green Wood, incorporates not only the name of the neighborhood where the branch is located but also acts as "a metaphor for the pathways of knowledge" at the heart of any library experience.