Photo by Will Austin

Franklin Joyce
South Park Lights

South Park Branch, Seattle Public Library
8604 Eighth Ave. S. at South Cloverdale Street

Libraries for All Bond 1% for Art

Community-inspired designs illuminate the exterior western wall of the South Park Branch Library. Artist-designed stainless steel enclosures mounted on two 12-foot columns house three theatrical lighting fixtures which project images onto the wall. The imagery changes seasonally, creating opportunities for the artwork to remain relevant to community interests and activities. The artist created eight gobos (thin plates of metal with the artist's design cut out of the surface) that provide displays for one two-year exhibition cycle.

According to the artist, South Park is one of Seattle's most spirited and dynamic communities and needed an inclusive artwork that would allow the community to represent itself and be consistent with the vision of the new library.

In November 1998, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved the $196.4 million "Libraries for All" bond measure to upgrade The Seattle Public Library with new facilities, technology, and books. The South Park Branch was the 20th project completed under the "Libraries for All" building program.