Columbia Public Health Center
Monad Graves Elohim
The Unity and Oneness of All, 1992

Seattle City Hall

Seattle City Hall offers a broad array of artworks and cultural displays that reflect Seattle's rich creative life. City Hall includes six permanently-sited artworks created specifically for the building. In addition, the facility exhibits highlighted artworks from the city's Portable Works Collections, cultural heritage artworks, and objects from an extensive Sister City Collection.
Beliz Brother
continuum, 2003
James Carpenter
Blue Glass Passage, 2003
Beliz Brother
return, 2003
Nobuho Nagasawa, Dale Stammen and Andrew Schloss
Water Weaving Light Cycle,
Eric Robertson
Evolving Wing and the Gravity of Presence, 2003
Beliz Brother
illumine, 2003

Seattle Justice Center

Seattle's Justice Center is home to the city's Municipal Court and Seattle Police Department Headquarters. The major artwork for the Justice Center was developed collaboratively by the team of lead artist Pam Beyette and Michael Davis, Norie Sato and Richard Turner. Early in the design process the artists agreed the artwork would engage community members in thoughts about the nature of the justice system and the roles of the police and the courts in their lives. A primary metaphor that developed was the "ripple effect" of an individual's actions on society at large. A single act against the law affects not only the perpetrator and victim, but also families and friends of these people, sometimes unintended strangers and ultimately the judicial system.
Artist Design Team
Points of View, 2002
Artist Design Team
Witness and Dilemma, Levels, Weights and Measures, 2002
Anna Skibska
Day and Night, 2002
Marita Dingus
Contradictory Vibrations, 2002
Darlene Nguyen-Ely
Wings, 2002
Joe Wheeler
Common Ground, 2002
Deborah Lawrence
Justice is Served: Celebrating the People Who Work for Change, 2002
M.A. Papanek-Miller
Listening, 2002
Brad A. Miller
112 Wristwatches, 2002
Artist Design Team
Codes & Protocols, 2002