Monad Graves Elohim
The Unity and Oneness of All

Columbia Public Health Center
Corner of Genesee Street and 37th Avenue South

Fleets and Facilities Department 1% for Art

Using a variety of colors and textures of upholstery fabric, cotton and fake fur, Monad Graves Elohim created a mulit-level artwork in the Skylight Atrium of a neighborhood health facility. The installation features sculptural forms representing a primary "mother" figure with several of her smaller creations descending from the airy atrium ceiling, each connected to the other through a series of strings, hoops and other materials. The artist hoped to convey the idea that we are all a part of each other, connected in a web of relationships that reaches out and encompasses everyone. The overall effect is one of commonality and togetherness appropriate for a community health center.

With a melding of diverse hues and materials, the artist makes the abstract concept of The Unity and Oneness of All concrete.