Tom Askman and Lea Anne Lake
Ballard Gateway

15th Avenue N.W. approach to the Ballard Bridge

Seattle Department of Transportation 1% for Art, Seattle City Light 1% for Art and Millennium Lighting Funds, Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds

The Ballard Gateway signals entry into the Ballard community. Located on the north approach to the Ballard Bridge, the gateway features eight free-standing sculptures representing different aspects of Ballard's rich diversity and industrial history. Created by Washington artists Tom Askman and Lea Anne Lake, the sculptures capture iconic images such as fish nets and propellers that represent Ballard's fishing and marine industry. The artists' use of Scandinavian colors and Native American imagery honors Ballard's cultural heritage. Neighborhood participation and support assisted in the realization of these artworks.

Due to damage sustained during a wind storm in 2006, the sculptures were removed and are currently under repair. They are scheduled to return July 2008.