Jack Mackie
Dancers' Series: Steps

Eight locations along Broadway

Engineering Department (now part of Seattle Public Utilities) 1% for Art and private businesses in the Broadway Local Improvement District

Eight sets of inlaid bronze shoeprints (cast by Chuck Greening) can be found in the sidewalks of vibrant Broadway, the thoroughfare running through the heart of Capitol Hill. Each set covers approximately twelve square feet and is arranged to show the pattern of a dancing couple's feet. Arrows and the letters "R" and "L" (for right and left) indicate the correct direction of the steps comprising well-known dances like the tango, waltz, lindy, foxtrot weave, rumba and mambo as well as two dances created by the artist entitled "busstop" and "obeebo."

This project was part of an overall revitalization of the retail portion of Broadway which included street and sidewalk improvements, lighting, landscaping and art work. According to the artist "these dance steps came by concentrating on the people and what they do. They wouldn't have worked anywhere else in the city."