2009 & 2010

Morgan Junction Park
Northwest Corner of California Avenue Southwest and Southwest Beveridge Place

Spruce Street Mini Park
21st Avenue between East Fir Street and East Spruce Street

SDOT Emerging Funds, 1% for Art funds and Bridging the Gap transportation levy funds

SuttonBeresCuller's (John Sutton, Ben Beres, Zac Culler) Salon is a series of etched, stained and antiqued picture frames stamped into the sidewalk plane creating a "salon" style public gallery within the right-of-way. The interior of the picture frames will be etched and stained to resemble a chalkboard surface that allows residents, community members and visitors to interact with the artwork. Using chalk, the public will have the ability to use the venue to create works of art, write poetry or use it as a neighborhood bulletin board.

Salon incorporates a series of frames stamped and stained in a salon style assemblage into the sidewalk plane, encouraging residents and viewers to interact with and contribute to the artworks. These artworks will constantly be renewed by the residents and add to the vibrancy, uniqueness and character of the Squire Park and West Seattle neighborhoods. The artwork provides the community with a platform for artistic expression and individual creativity. While the frames are a blank canvas to create on, the artworks themselves will change to reflect the people who engage with artwork in the neighborhood. Children and adults alike have the opportunity to approach this classic iconic format and fill in the picture plane themselves with drawings, poetry or a neighborhood bulletin board.

Public art should be seen as something interactive, ever changing and made in collaboration with the community. These frames reflect an opportunity for everyone to get involved and contribute.