Stacey Levy


In sidewalk along Eastlake Avenue East between East Galer Street and Fuhrman Avenue East.

Seattle Public Utilities Sewer and Drainage 1% for Art funds.

Integrated into the sidewalks along Eastlake Avenue East is Cornerstones, a set of 32 inserts each featuring a different intensely magnified micro-organism to be found in and around neighboring Lake Union. Placed at various intersections along the street, the stones incorporate cast glass blocks citing the name of the avenue and the nearest cross street separated by a compass rose. Artist Stacey Levy identifies the particular natural forms, including protozoa, algae, diatoms and crustaceans, that inhabit the center space. Levy uses microscopic flora and fauna in her work as a way to "make natural processes and life forms visible and memorable," a common theme that works to visually unify the entire street.