Jim Pridgeon and Benson Shaw
Angie's Umbrella


Western Avenue and Lenora Street

Early Implementation Funds for the neighborhood plans and city of Seattle matching funds, Gift to City of Seattle

Jim Pridgeon and Benson Shaw's 20-foot-tall kinetic metal sculpture Angie's Umbrella appears to be in a permanent windstorm. Pridgeon and Shaw playfully reference the stormy weather characteristic of the Northwest by showing the ubiquitous sheltering device turned inside-out, presumably by a fierce wind. Appropriately, the sculpture is also wind-activated, rotating on its tall base when a breeze blows through its perforated aluminum "fabric." The artists collaborated on their first permanent artwork in order to create a piece that both aesthetically and technically speaks to the vibrant character of the Belltown community. The artwork is dedicated to Pridgeon's mother, Angie, whom he described as a cowgirl, pilot and optimist.