Peter de Lory
Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail Identifiers

Along Longfellow Creek Trail, from 26th Avenue S.W. and Genesee Street to Roxhill Park

General Fund

The Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail developed from an ongoing partnership between the community and city of Seattle. Artist Peter de Lory's trail identifiers act as a "ribbon of connection" among neighborhoods, businesses, public green spaces and community resources. de Lory's photographic panels feature images of five native plant species found along the creek. de Lory titled the panels. Elderberry, Fern Hook, Horse Tail, Leaves on Water, and Lupine. The artwork unifies the trail and creek with a series of colorful panels mounted on sign posts located along the Longfellow Creek Trail. Each identifier directs visitors using the trail by providing recognizable landmarks that orient and reinforce the location of the trail.

The panels take the creek's natural elements and brings them out into the urban setting to reveal, identify and bring awareness to Longfellow Creek. The trail highlights the creek, one of four city of Seattle designated Millennium Urban Legacy Creeks. Trail segments were completed as part of several Capital Improvement Projects funded by Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Parks and Recreation and the 2000 Pro Parks Levy.