George Tsutakawa
Heaven, Man, Earth

South Jackson Street & Maynard Avenue

Seattle Arts Commission, Coalition for Effective Transportation Alternatives, and private sources

With Vic Kubo (Artist-in-the-City Program)

Artist George Tsutakawa integrated the Chinese symbols for heaven, man and earth into a bronze vertical sculpture created for Seattle's International District. Tsutakawa, one of the pioneers of public art in Seattle, incorporated totemic figures into the design to evoke the form and feeling of the "obo," piled rock memorials placed on the mountain trails of Tibet. The sculpture's abstract parts comprise a powerful whole utilizing an open structure, the creative use of space and a unique mix of curved and straight lines. While several of Tsutakawa's designs are fountains featuring the elegant form that water takes as it cascades over metal, the absence of water in this sculpture compelled the artist to be "more careful with proportion and concentrate on the scene from different angles." Such compositional choices are essential to the sculpture's striking appearance, even amid the distractions of a busy urban sidewalk.