Linda Beaumont, Stuart Keeler, Michael Machnic

Eastlake Avenue East at East Boston Street, East Lynn Street and East Roanoke Street

Seattle Public Utilities Sewer and Drainage 1% for Art funds.

The glowing hulls and undulating oar pergolas of Eastlake's Dreamboats are the result of a collaboration between artists Linda Beaumont, Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic. A series of three steel frameworks each support a fiberglass kayak turned upside down and covered with silk-screened collages and Zen proverbs related to the ritual of travel. The artists titled the series Respect, Read and Rest, words meant to evoke the feeling of a journey of the mind and body across Lake Union and beyond. The Respect trellis includes plantings of vines and citrus trees, as well as coins imbedded in the surrounding sidewalk. Read incorporates aluminum sails that function as community notice boards. Rest includes a curving mosaic bench. All three structures are lit by florescent lights at night, creating distinctive neighborhood beacons that acknowledge the community's unique connection to Lake Union.