Kurt Kiefer
Second Avenue Project, 1996
Maggie Smith
Spur Line, 1999
Jack Mackie
Dancers' Series: Steps, 1982
Tom Askman and Lea Anne Lake
Ballard Gateway, 2003
Richard Beyer
People Waiting for the Interurban, 1979
Peter de Lory
Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail Identifiers, 2004
Artist Design Team
First Avenue Project, 1985-1991
Jennifer Dixon
FlipBooks, 2008
Bill Will
4 (Where shall I go ahead?), 2001
Stuart Nakamura
Wit and Wisdom, 2001
Jim Pridgeon and Benson Shaw
Angie's Umbrella, 2003
Brian Goggin
Traffic of Ideas, 2005
Salon, 2009 & 2010
Roger Fernandes
Snoqual/Moon the Transformer, 2012
George Tsutakawa
Heaven, Man, Earth, 1978
Carolyn Law
By Water On Land, 2013
Susan Robb
Parking Squid, 2012

West Galer Flyover

Artist Vicki Scuri transforms an element of an otherwise utilitarian bridge with the application of a stylized wave pattern to retaining walls, while standard light poles are given artistic elaboration with custom brackets resembling both sails and marine animals. The nautical theme of the flyover acts as a gateway to Magnolia and Interbay and provides references to the nearby waterfront.
Vickie Scuri
Sail Light Armatures, 2002
Vickie Scuri
DNA Wave Wall, 2002

Alki Beach

The relationship of memories as they are attached to place is the primary focus of this project. Collaborating with the three artists, a whole community has engaged in remembering the history of this place. The act of sharing memories has imbued this artwork with a pluralist view that will allow generations of viewers to share in the collective memory of the West Seattle community.
Joe Fedderson, Donald Fels, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith
West Seattle Cultural Trail, 1998
Donald Fels
Paragon, 2002
Donald Fels
Inset-Anchor (Park on Alki), 1999
Donald Fels
Geo-Slice, 2002

Eastlake Avenue

The artworks located along the Eastlake Avenue East corridor were commissioned as part of the Combined Sewer Outflow project, an infrastructure improvement plan designed to accommodate the dramatic business development the community experienced in the mid '90s. The Eastlake Community Council worked with the city to select artists for the projects and organized fundraising efforts to help finance the project
Linda Beaumont, Stuart Keeler, Michael Machnic
Dreamboats, 1997
Stacey Levy
Cornerstones, 1997