Susan Zoccola

Laurelhurst Community Center
4554 N.E. 41st St.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

This 18-foot-tall tapered steel pole features clusters of seed pods dangling from branches. The pods, inspired by the helicopter seed pods of maple trees, are made of fiberglass. They move slightly in the wind and are lit from within to draw attention to the entry of the community center in the evening.

The artist states: "I appreciate how proud and strongly connected people are to their park's natural beauty and rich history. With its unique diversity of old trees, I felt that I should reference nature in the artwork I created for this place. The park site is particularly dark at night, so incorporating light into the piece was also important. I hope that the lighting, scale and 'movement' of the parts of the sculpture will encourage people to smile and pause to appreciate the surrounding beauty of the park and its amazing views of the city. The curved top of the pole with the clusters of dangling pods will gesture toward the center's entry door, greeting people to the center as they come and go."