Wang Po Shu
Earth Story

Rainier Community Center
4600 38th Ave. S.

Seattle Parks and Recreation 1% for Art

Created with the help of different ethnic communities in the Rainier Valley area, Wang Po Shu's Earth Story consists of 12 river stones placed throughout the Rainier Community Center's grounds. Each stone is inscribed with a symbol from a different culture, highlighting our collective ties with the earth. The inscriptions are oriented so that when visitors are looking at them, they will face the direction of the symbols' origins.

The artist states: "This project is an earth story, created with landscape elements that highlight the Rainier area's diverse cultural influences. I drew upon these cultures to create a mosaic of symbols concerning our relationship with the Earth in order to show the sense of unity beyond our cultural facades, to trace the common idea of living in harmony with the environment. This is also exactly what the Native people of this continent have consistently expressed throughout history. This artwork is inspired by this native belief that resounds a common sentiment of all peoples around the globe."