Ela Lamblin
Whirl Piece: Current Events

Yesler Community Center
917 E. Yesler Way

Seattle Parks & Recreation 1999 Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

Musician and instrument maker Ela Lamblin's Whirl Piece: Current Events is a musical and kinetic gazebo-like structure made from a stainless steel framework topped with a dome and revolving wind catch. The interior of the structure shelters instruments, including rotating aluminum slit gongs and aluminum tubular bells, animated by the energy generated from the wind catch, Acting in concert with the occasional percussive punctuation of rain, these unique instruments produce an artful assemblage of sounds.

According to Lamblin: "Whirl Piece creates music that blends with the shifting aural and visual elements of the setting. The sculpture uses the tempo of the wind to draw attention to the march of time and to the ambient sounds of place. Passersby - like traffic and rustling leaves, unwitting associates in this confluence of weather and musical events - are drawn together by their common experience of participation in the artwork. Like all my musical instrument/sculptures, Whirl Piece appeals to both the ear and the eye ..."