Aaron (A.J.) Power
Many Threads, One Spool

Van Asselt Community Center
2820 S. Myrtle Street

Seattle Parks & Recreation 1999 Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

Using the spool and thread as symbols of usefulness, the home, and creativity, artist Aaron (A.J.) Power created Many Threads, One Spool, an artwork which represents the idea of separate threads originating from a single spool, weaving together to create any number of wonderful things. Selected from the Office of Arts & Culture's roster of Emerging Public Artists, Power created an artwork which connects the many people of different cultural backgrounds who call the Holly Park neighborhood home.

Located in the plaza near the center's main entrance is a spool of thread topped by birds. Six multicolored threads radiate out from the spool. Each ends at a "nest pod" made of translucent resin embedded in the concrete with nest-like sculptures suspended inside. For the artist the "threads illustrate the paths of our lives, intertwining and intersecting and colorful. The spool communicates the role of this community center within which our lives interact, a source of skills and learning experiences which we can weave into our homes."

Calling upon the idea of the home as nest, Power unites the many households that make up the community with a simple and relatable analogy. The result is an artwork which highlights Van Asselt as a literal and figurative focal point for a neighborhood whose residents come from a variety of cultural backgrounds.