Kristin Tollefson
WaterLogs + Leaf/Hull

Montlake Community Center
1618 E. Calhoun St.

Seattle Parks and Recreation 1999 Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

In WaterLogs + Leaf Hull, artist Kristin Tollefson calls attention to the maritime history and the natural landscape that define the Montlake neighborhood. As one enters the main plaza, seven wooden logs reclaimed from the bottom of Lake Union tilt up from the ground plane, suggesting the pilings of an old pier and also forming one half of the shape of a ship's hull. Tollefson states the "interplay of ambient light is also an important part of the piece; the shadows cast by the logs create the remaining half of the boat hull imagery left for discovery on the surface of the plaza." Across from the pilings, a steel, concave ellipse referencing both a hull and a leaf stands vertically, alluding to Montlake's boating history and its location near Portage Bay along with its strong ties with "nature and our imprint on it."

Tollefson states, "I have the soul of an object maker, grounded in traditions of labor-intensive handwork. My work explores tension and ambiguity through pattern and form with special focus on organic forms and personal adornment. I am inspired by botanical illustration, folk art and chaos theory. Distinctly modern in appearance and fabricated using traditional textile techniques, my works fuse decorative lightness with detailed construction out of metal and surplus industrial materials. Line becomes volume. Skilled labor begets fine art. Multiple simple elements convene as powerful and complex wholes. The work aims to be simultaneously scientific and poetic, minimal and baroque."