Nickolus Meisel

International District / Chinatown Community Center
719 8th Avenue S.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

Nickolus Meisel's Thread strives to allow the community to claim the community center instantly as their own. Meisel utilized the drop ceiling and replaced the original panels with cut and laminated polyethylene panels creating a pattern influenced by Asian textiles. Mirrored domes guide people from the lobby to the upstairs while reflecting the internal and external people "threading" them into the fabric of the community.

Meisel says, "My work is primarily focused on utilizing space and commonplace material. In this utilization I liberate an object and space of their conventional function. Through this approach it is my philosophy that the viewer can see their relationships to space and or the objects used in a new and exciting way. Once this liberation is achieved it is my hope that this way of thinking may extend not only into questioning what is art but also who we are."