Daniel L. Laskarin

High Point Community Center
6920 34th Ave. S.W.

Seattle Parks and Recreation 1999 Community Centers Levy 1% for Art

Daniel Laskarin's Highpoint includes a chair and camera attached to the top of a 40-foot spire that juts through the community center's roof and faces a view towards the north. At the base of the spire is a furniture grouping of a table and several larger-than-life chairs. By looking into a "coffee mug" resting on the table, a viewer can see a constantly changing image of the city as seen from the camera at the top of the spire.

Laskarin writes: "This artwork marks out the High Point Community Center within its community, and it suggests a metaphor for the social role that the center plays. In an immediate sense the table and chairs of the artwork suggest the comforts of a home or friendly setting, and in an imaginary sense the artwork opens out onto the world beyond. If one could get up to the level of the roof of the center, one would be able to look out over the city and its harbor: a rich view full of imaginings. This view mirrors the place that the community center occupies in the lives of its users and its community."