Rolon Bert Garner and Ken Leback

Sturgus Park
904 Sturgus Ave. S.

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art (formerly Water Department 1% for Art)

In 1996, 12 years after it was originally commissioned, Equality was dedicated at the 1-90 Viewpoint. One of the original artists, Don Scott, died and the artwork was redesigned by artists Rolon Bert Garner and Ken Leback. The artwork is comprised of 35 small granite houses on a grid set against a larger bronze house on a hill of grass. Amid the grid of houses is a plaque bearing a quotation from Alexis de Toqueville's Democracy in America.

Situated along a narrow stretch of Sturgus Park perched above Interstate 90, the site for Equality was selected by artists following a joint effort by the Seattle Arts Commission and the Washington State Department of Transportation to identify prime sites for artwork in connection with the development of the corridor, which included water utility work.