Charles Brown, restored by Jack Hudson
Seattle Totem Pole

Pioneer Place Park
100 Yesler Way

Gift from the United States Forest Service

A 50-foot carved cedar totem pole stands in the southwest corner of Pioneer Place Park. The 70-year-old pole is a copy created by native carvers of the Kyan and Kinninook Indian families to replace an original pole from 1899. The first pole was acquired from Tongass Island, Alaska by an expedition committee chosen by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It was erected where it currently stands now but was irreparably damaged by an arsonist in 1938. The pole symbolizes three Tlingit Indian legends using figures representative of the Raven Clan. The hero of the legends is located at the top while Grandfather Raven, a mythological being known as both a creator and a trickster, forms the pole's base.