Doris Chase
Changing Form

Kerry Park
2nd Avenue West and West Highland Drive

Seattle Parks and Recreation Department/Gift to City

With sweeping views of the city, Kerry Park is one of the most scenic places in Seattle and its much-photographed vista often includes the park's landmark steel sculpture, Changing Form. Created by Doris Chase, the artwork's open geometric structure produces circular frames that highlight the skyline and create multiple picturesque cityscapes as the viewer's position changes.

Chase originally intended Changing Form to be a kinetic sculpture with the top-half able to rotate by hand 360 degrees, allowing visitors to adjust the configuration of the sculpture. Later, to avoid damage to the piece and prevent injury to park visitors, city staff welded the upper section into a permanent position chosen by the artist. This fixed the sculpture into place but still inspires movement, rewarding an active viewer with a multitude of scenic panoramas.

Chase states: "I loved this piece and I designed it with a park in mind." Kerry Park is "an ideal space," she adds, a sentiment shared by a community of sightseers, amateur and professional photographers, wedding parties and picnickers, among others, all enjoying the beautiful view of the city captured by Changing Form's artful design.