Miles Addison Pepper

Upper Woodland Park
Phinney Avenue North and North 59th Street

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art funds

Located adjacent to Woodland Park Zoo and near a Seattle Public Utilities water tank, Upper Woodland Park is home to Morphauna, Miles Addison Pepper's 20-foot-tall steel, aluminum and brass wind-activated sculpture composed of various animal forms. A rotating metal framework of wing and fishtail forms turning on a variety of axles and hubs caps a tall black-and-white-striped pole. Pepper's design is the final element of a major renovation of the park led by the Phinney Ridge community. The community wanted an artwork that would capture the interest of the park's many visitors. Pepper's piece picks up on the park's proximity to the zoo, incorporating the themes of change (morph) and animals (fauna) while simultaneously playing with the juxtaposition of technology and nature. The end result is an artwork that "allows for multiple interpretations" as its composition transforms based upon the piece's "interaction with the chaotic forces of the atmosphere."