Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle

Maple Leaf Playground / Maple Leaf Hydrochlorination Facility
1020 N.E. 82nd St.

Seattle Water Department 1% for Art funds

Located near a Seattle Public Utilities' hydrochlorination facility, the indigenous plant and animal forms of Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle's Gazebo provide a peaceful resting place to be enjoyed by park visitors and SPU employees on break. Created from forged steel, four 10-foot-steel arches border big leaf maple branches and giant kelp while chocolate whelk, cormorant, giant pods and other leaves weave together to create an arched roof. The roof is evocative of the web of life that connects both the urban and natural worlds. According to the artists, this "lighthearted yet formal architectural framework" brings together the forces of "biological growth and human culture." Not a direct imitation of nature, Whitesavage and Lyle's works instead bridge organic and fabricated environments through an ability to "speak the language of living things through the medium of steel."