Jenny Heishman
Water Mover

Ernst Park
723 N. 35th St.

2000 Parks Levy Program 1% for Art funds and a challenge grant from the Fremont Neighborhood Council

Jenny Heishman's Water Mover creates a sculptural barrier which spans the curving retaining wall of Ernst Park in Fremont. The work is activated by rain that flows down tiers of red channels before reaching a fabricated blue "bucket" and draining away.

The park, which acts as a scenic hill climb between two busy streets, was designed to mimic the meandering twists and turns of a river. The theme is playfully elaborated through the sculpture's use of water and the gentle curve it follows on its way downhill. Similarly, the artwork's crossed bar supports echo the architectural elements of the Aurora Bridge, which can be seen from the park. Both the river and bridge motifs are employed with a lightheartedness that pays tribute to the unique character of the Fremont neighborhood.