Paul Sorey
Tree Bench

Pratt Park
1800 S. Main St.

Seattle Parks and Recreation 2000 Parks Levy 1% for Art and Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund Grant

Made of colored mortar, concrete and stainless steel inlays, Tree Bench takes the shape of a tree sliced in half lengthwise, floating above the ground and inviting visitors to sit on its trunk and branches. The artwork functions as a place to sit and play. It also layers references --such as a river system.

The tree is created of hundreds of small stainless steel flat bars (4 inches to 12 inches) welded to form the "bark" of the tree. The steel creates a textural and organic surface. The interior of the steel form has a concrete base covered by a final surface of colored mortar topped with embedded stainless strips.

"The main concept of the artwork is the tree form that symbolizes the living, growing and diverse branches of human culture that come together to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts," says artist Paul Sorey.