Duane Pasco
Sun and Raven, Tsonqua, Bear, Killer Whale
1975 (Installed in 1987)

Occidental Park
Occidental Avenue South and South Main Street

Private Donor

In the monumental totem pole Sun and Raven, carved by artist Duane Pasco for the 1974 World's Fair in Spokane, visitors are invited to decipher the Native American legend of Raven Bringing Light to the World. The legend is depicted through sections of the pole, beginning at the base with the box that held the sun and culminating at the top with Raven spreading sunlight to the world. Adjacent to Sun and Raven rests the slightly smaller but equally narrative Killer Whale totem, a unique dorsal fin prominently extending from the center of the pole.

Across the plaza from the totems stand the two figure poles, Tsonqua and Bear. The figures engage each other from opposite sides of a planting bed --Tsonqua, often portrayed as a welcoming figure, with her arms outstretched and lips pursed, and Bear, an animal frequently associated with Native legends, with paws reared and teeth bared.