Charles Greening
Meridian Archway

Meridian Playground
4898 Meridian Ave. N.

Parks Acquisition and Development Fund (Forward Thrust Bond Issue) 1% for Art funds, Seattle Design Commission and Wallingford Community Council

A rounded archway and curving walled path greet visitors as they enter Meridian Playground. Artist Charles Greening used a rich assortment of unusual stones in the entryway's mosaic design including Cascade river rocks, Mexican geodes, fossils from the Oregon coast, columnar basalt, Mount St. Helens ash glass and snowflake obsidian. Greening also incorporated specific objects within the layered rocks—bronze medallions, petrified wood and sand dollars, as well as a collection of keys, are visible to the careful observer. Small pockets filled with soil provide space for greenery or flowers and a recessed seat gives visitors a place to sit and rest.

All together these details make the archway not just a simple passageway but a useable and enjoyable extension of park space.