Myrtle Edwards Park
Michael Heizer
Adjacent, Against, Upon, 1976
Bergen Place
Jennifer Dixon
Witness Trees, What the trees have seen, 2004
Sturgus Park
Rolon Bert Garner and Ken Leback
Equality, 1996
Mineral Springs Park
Stacy Levy
Cloud Stones, 2004
Warren G. Magnuson Park
John Young
The Fin Project, 1998
Volunteer Park
Isamu Noguchi
Black Sun, 1969
Pratt Park
Paul Sorey
Tree Bench, 2006
Occidental Park
Duane Pasco
Sun and Raven, Tsonqua, Bear, Killer Whale, 1975 (Installed in 1987)
Sam Smith Park
Gerard Tsutakawa
Urban Peace Circle, 1994
I-5 Colonnade Park
John Roloff
The Seventh Climate (Paradise Reconsidered), 2006
Kerry Park
Doris Chase
Changing Form, 1969
Ernst Park
Jenny Heishman
Water Mover, 2008
Gas Works Park
Charles "Chuck" Greening with Kim Lazare
Sundial, 1978
Louisa Boren Lookout Park
Lee Kelly
Untitled, 1975
Froula Playground
Peter Reiquam
Froula Park Armchairs, 1996
Maple Leaf Playground
Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle
Gazebo, 1996
Upper Woodland Park
Miles Addison Pepper
Morphauna, 1999
Waterfront Park
James FitzGerald and Margaret Tomkins
Waterfront Fountain, 1974
Meridian Playground
Charles Greening
Meridian Archway, 1981
Westlake Park
Robert Maki
Westlake Star Axis/Seven Hills, 1988
Denny Park
Alonzo Victor Lewis
Dr. Mark A Matthew, 1941
McGraw Place
Richard Brooks
Governor John Harte McGraw, 1912
Peace Park
Daryl Smith
Sadako and the Thousand Cranes, 1990
Tilikum Place Park
James Wehn
Chief Seattle Fountain, 1909
Lake Union Park
Peter and Sue Richards
Blanche, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

Brad Rude was in-residence at Woodland Park Zoo to study the animals and to gain an understanding of the zoo's philosophy, working closely with staff from the areas of conservation, education, research and recreation before he came up with his artworks. He completed three cast bronze interactive sculptures mounted on basalt bases.

Artist's Statement: "My work is devoted to expressing the important relationship we have with other animals and the elements of the natural world ... . These sculptures are designed to stimulate participation with zoo visitors. Two of the sculptures consist of vertically placed basalt columns with cast bronze sculptures mounted on top. Mounted to the side is a bronze plate with a relief image on it and rubbing tool designed to allow visitors the opportunity to do a rubbing and create their own art. The small-scale compositions allow the viewer to "see" and "feel" an entire situation at once."
Brad Rude
Dwelling Places, 1998
Brad Rude
Together As One, 1998
Brad Rude
Evidence of Domestication, 1998

Pioneer Place Park

Pioneer Place Park lies in the heart of Seattle's historic district, Pioneer Square, where settlers first established industry and set up homes near the banks of the Puget Sound. The artwork in Pioneer Place Park acknowledges the area's original inhabitants, members of Northwest Coast Native American tribes, adding a rich visual component to the area's substantial cultural and social history.
James Wehn
Chief Seattle Bust, 1909
Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds
Day/Night, 1991
Charles Brown, restored by Jack Hudson
Seattle Totem Pole, 1940

Discovery Park

As part of a mid-1990s improvement plan, a visitor center was added to Discovery Park, the largest recreational area in Seattle, situated on Magnolia Bluff overlooking Puget Sound. In designing art for the center, artist Bruce Myers created a series of works that addressed the ecology of the park and the Center's overall objectives as a public environmental education facility.
Bruce Myers
Leaf Legend, 1997
Bruce Myers
Ripple Sculptures, 1997
Bruce Myers
Strata Benches, 1997

Victor Steinbrueck Park

Two 50-foot cedar totem poles boldly stand in Victor Steinbrueck Park. One is based on traditional Northwest Coast Native American designs and another, the Farmer's Pole, is tapered and uncarved except for a man and woman standing back-to-back at the top. Seattle architect Steinbrueck, along with providing design assistance to the Farmer's Pole, devised the vine motif of the dark green fence that runs along the perimeter of the park.
James Bender
Farmer's Pole, 1984
James Bender
Untitled Totem Pole, 1984