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Who You Were, Who You Are,
Where Are You Now?

April 1 — July 1, 2014

Have you ever flipped through an old yearbook and wondered what ever happened to this person or that person? In these days of googling or facebooking everyone from former classmates to exes, you can pretty much find out what someone is up to presently. However, when it comes to artwork, well that's a different story. We look at recognizable images of people in artwork and never really ask questions about who they are or what that person looks like today. Artwork freezes an image in time and we take that at face value.

"Many of the works in this exhibition are photographs, some we can figure out who they were and where their lives led, other times not. For instance, the color photo by Alice Wheeler taken in 1999 of a homeless teenage boy in Tent City, one wonders, where is he now? Paintings and prints provide a different context. Are the images of real people, or imagined? Sometimes titles clarify everything for us, like the paintings by Brian Murphy titled Self Portrait I, II, III and IV from 2003. Other artworks depict an event, like Renee Groch's Opening Night from 1975, which may have happened or not, but the styles and postures of those attending an art opening are very believable", explains Deborah Paine, city Curator and Collections Manager, who selected the artworks from the city's Portable Works Collection.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Laurie Bruce, Cecilia Cooney, Christopher Eden, Beth Edwards, Scott Fife, Davis Freeman, Mark Frey, Renee Groch, Lynn Hamrick, Jenny Hyde, Terry Johnson, Sheila Mullen, Brian Murphy, Jake Seniuk, John Stewart, and Alice Wheeler.