Posted: 3/6/15
We pair venues with artists for this 5 city wide art competition. For two weeks, the public will view art and vote on their favorites. 6 artists will wine cash prizes. The venue hosting the winning artists wins cash as well.
Posted: 3/5/15
Northwest Film Forum's annual Local Sightings Film Festival is made by the people and for the people of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Bon Appétit
Linus Galleries
Posted: 3/3/15
There are many layers regarding the topic of food. From its traditional purpose, that it sustains us and delights all of our senses, to the political aspect of food, such as animal cruelty, Genetically Modified Organisms and overabundance. In this call we want to see art that can depict any aspect concerning food and/or food politics!
Culture Collective
Linus Galleries
Posted: 3/3/15
Cultures can be anything from a collective of humans, or animals, or bacteria that thrive through various associations such as nature, religion, government, internet and business. We live with each other in communes that rely on one other daily, and we are affected by our cultures whether they are defined by the parameters of what each entity is willing to do to maintain or oppose their particular culture. Share with us your depictions of what you feel represents culture, in any sense or form that it may take.
Posted: 3/2/15
Looking for a test site and funding for materials.
Black Box 2.0
Posted: 3/2/15
Call For Entry // Black Box 2.0
Posted: 3/1/15
Rubix Artist Engagement Program: Request for proposals for permanent art placement in new Capitol Hill apartments
Spooky Artist of the Month
Spooked in Seattle
Posted: 2/28/15
Looking for a monthly artist for our small gallery area
Posted: 2/25/15
For the 5th time, ART Habens is inviting entries for the competition to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists.
Posted: 2/24/15
Creative Divergents Showcases are open to anyone, internationally. All subjects, styles, and media are welcome.