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Center on Contemporary Art
Posted: 1/29/15
submit artwork for a sshow
Posted: 1/29/15
Membership in an artist run collective gallery
Posted: 1/28/15
Artist Residencies: all genres
international artexpo
Posted: 1/28/15
Posted: 1/27/15
Apply until April 1, 2015 for the Midsummer Festival of the Arts at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Culture Collective
Linus Galleries
Posted: 1/26/15
Cultures can be anything from a collective of humans, or animals, or bacteria that thrive through various associations such as nature, religion, government, internet and business. We live with each other in communes that rely on one other daily, and we are affected by our cultures whether they are defined by the parameters of what each entity is willing to do to maintain or oppose their particular culture. Share with us your depictions of what you feel represents culture, in any sense or form that it may take.
Posted: 1/26/15
LIQUID ROOMS + THE LABYRINTH is an invitation for artists to explore their intimate self and to analyze the relationship between man and space (private and/or public). The exhibition has a dual-layered format which expresses the urban nature of the city of Venice (with all its labyrinthine streets) and the inner labyrinths of our identities. Opening the doors of their rooms to visitors and crossing the exhibition path through the different venues, artists and audience will disclose and explore the intimate part of their art and beings.
Linus Galleries
Posted: 1/23/15
There are many interpretations concerning the sense of the spirit or a higher being and whether such things even exist. Some believe in a relationship to a divinity, some believe spirituality is a state of mind and others believe in an overall connection with all that surrounds and contains us. What is your take on this controversial subject? Share with us your art that attempts to capture a sense of the spiritual or lack thereof.
Linus Gallery
Posted: 1/22/15
Portraits are an intimate view of the subject matter which, aim to present a description of the character, sentiment or identity of an individual or place. These visual clues about the subject are presented in various ways, such as, employing a particular technique or the application of varying media. In this call we want to see your artistic approach in presenting self-portraits or portraiture.
Call for Art - "All Women" Online Art Competition
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Posted: 1/18/15
All Women Online Art Competition — February 24th Deadline - Apply