City of Redmond Parks and Recreation Department
Posted: 8/4/14
An Artist-in-Residence is needed to stimulate cultural vibrancy in the parks of Downtown Redmond, with a priority given to Downtown Park, through original artworks and by challenging residents to become active participants in civic life and cultural advocacy. We are interested in collaborative artists working in all mediums, with an emphasis on the participatory arts, especially those who challenge the boundaries of architecture, sculpture, performance, sound, digital, film, photography, music, painting, and drawing.
Posted: 8/1/14
Come and Sing with Northwest Chorale for the 2014-2015 Season!
Posted: 8/1/14
Call for Digital Art and Photography
Posted: 7/30/14
The Seattle Composers Alliance presents its first-annual Call for Scores Competition: Works for String Quartet. Scores must be received via mail by September 15, 2014. 10 winning scores will be performed by the Saint Helens String Quartet on October 24, 2014 at The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center as a part of the Wayward Music Series, will receive a studio recording of the piece, and the #1 winner will also receive a free invitation to participate in next year's call for scores.
"Still Life" Art Call
Posted: 7/28/14
Open for Submissions, $7,575 in Cash and Prizes Deadline: September 08, 2014 (Midnight EST)
Posted: 7/24/14
Join Our Hot Shop Team for a Week by applying for a 2015 Visiting Artist Residency at Museum of Glass
The World Around You
Linus Galleries
Posted: 7/22/14
We live in an era where the dissemination and accessibility of information is instant and infinite, allowing us to be aware of affairs around the world which range from politics, natural disasters, cultural events, etc. In this call for entries we'd like to see your artistic view of our ever changing world.
Call for Art - Theme "SeaScapes" Online Art Competition
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
Posted: 7/22/14
SeaScapes Online Art Competition — August 27th Deadline
Mixed Media Mash Up
Linus Galleries
Posted: 7/17/14
Creating art isn't always done by conventional means nor with conventional materials. The challenge becomes strategizing and synthesizing the disorder that is unavoidable when combining varying mediums. In this call for entries we want to see your mixed media artworks. Calls are open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and amateur artists. All art mediums will be considered in this call for submissions, from photography, wall sculpture, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc. Sizes up to 12 feet are acceptable. Work must be able to be hung on a wall to be considered for the live exhibition. Freestanding 3D artworks will be displayed online only. We are now accepting video and poetry entries for online shows. Accepted entries for this online exhibition will be judged again in the coming months for a collective live exhibition at our Los Angeles gallery. The artists will be asked if they wish to submit their artwork for the collective exhibition, which is not a requirement to being a part of the online exhibition. DEADLINE FOR THIS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Deadline September 22, 2014 Cost: $35 for 3 entries, $5 for additional entries. All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible. If your work is misrepresented in any way— meaning the picture diverges greatly from what the work actually looks like in color, shape, or dimensions etc., we reserve the right to refuse to hang the artwork if it should be chosen for a live show.
Posted: 7/15/14
An opportunity to create artwork in direct response to a place.