Call to Artists

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A group of environmental activists is looking to partner with performance artists to create and perform street theater in front of gas stations and other highly visible locations where carbon is bought and sold. The purpose of the performances will be to prick the consciences of gasoline purchasers and users, and (possibly) to educate them regarding a few key facts (such as 1 gallon gas = 20 pounds of CO2 released into air).

Given that the performances will be outside in noisy street environments, the performance will need to focus more on movement than dialogue.

The ideal performance will be simple, compelling, and replicable by other groups.

There will be some budget for piece development and for performance.

This call is inspired by street theater concepts introduced in Bogota, Colombia to reduce traffic deaths and poor driving. See at 4:50. Also see

If interested, please send a brief letter by September 25, 2014 describing your/your group's interest and relevant background to