Creative Vitality Index

This report details the findings of research on the overall health of a region's arts-related creative economy issued by WESTAF.

Cultural Vitality in Communities

(The Urban Institute's Arts & Culture Indicators Project, 2006)

The Seattle area ranks high among 50 major metropolitan areas, according to this comprehensive statistical portrait of cultural vitality issued by The Urban Institute.

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV demonstrates that the nonprofit arts and culture industry is an economic driver in Seattle—supporting jobs, generating government revenue and securing tourism.

Here are the highlights:

  • $447.6 million in annual economic activity
  • 10,807 full-time equivalent jobs
  • $248.2 million in household income
  • $38.2 million in local and state government revenues

The $447.6 million total includes $272 million in spending by nonprofit arts organizations and $175.6 million in event-related spending by their audiences.

The study was released in June 2012 by Americans for the Arts, a national nonprofit arts advocacy group. The most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States, it involved more than 180 research partners, 50,000 audience intercept surveys as well as detailed budget and attendance information from 8,000 nonprofit arts and culture organizations across the country. Read about the national study results.

Creative Industries in Seattle

Compiled annually by Americans for the Arts, the Creative Industries report charts arts-centric businesses that range from non-profit museums, symphonies and theaters to for-profit film, architecture and advertising companies. As of January 2011, Seattle was home to 4,571 arts-related businesses that employ 20,616 people.

Impact of the Economic Recession on the Puget Sound Region's
Nonprofit Arts Sector

This study of more than two dozen Puget Sound arts and cultural organizations reinforces findings that the current recession is taking a toll on Puget Sound arts and cultural organizations. The 24-page report commissioned by the Office of Arts & Culture, 4Culture, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Seattle Foundation, compiles the results of interviews with the leaders of 28 cultural organizations conducted in January 2009 by Helicon Collaborative. It also outlines strategies to manage the economic crisis.