Office to present trio of site-specific performances

Take three artists, provide them with a unique environment, and allow them to unleash their creativity. What's the result? Site-specific art happenings - art performances, installations and events created in direct and specific response to their locations - for all to enjoy.

As part of the Site-Specific King County Performance Network, the Office will present performances by puppeteer Rob D'Arc, operatic composer Garrett Fisher and choreographer Pat Graney.

Puppeteer D'Arc will present 3 Minute Theatre, Sunday, Oct. 7 as part of as part of Theatre Puget Sound's Live Theatre Week Kick-Off Fair at Seattle Center's Fisher Pavilion, 305 Harrison St. D'Arc's three-minute puppet performances will run continuously between 1 and 3 p.m. Space is limited. Free tickets will be available beginning at noon.

3 Minute Theatre condenses the entire theater experience into a few minutes, including dressing for the theater, seeing the show, and patronizing the arts. 3 Minute Theatre encourages in its audiences a spirit of curiosity, risk taking, and playfulness, while offering a detour from daily reality, a series of small surprises, momentary luxuries, and three minutes of big fun!

Site-specific performances by composer Garrett Fisher and Pat Graney will take place in 2008. Stay tuned for dates and locations. Fisher will compose a new opera, Psyche, exploring society's relationship with what is perceived as beautiful. The Pat Graney Company will create an interdisciplinary installation/performance exhibit, House of Mind, which takes viewers into the very nature of how memory is conceived.

D'Arc's performance is presented in partnership with Theatre Puget Sound. All three site-specific performances are part of 4Culture's SITE-SPECIFIC/2007 King County Performance Network. SITE SPECIFIC/2007 King County Performance Network is a collaboration between 4Culture and King County local arts agencies. When the 2007 season wraps, more than 30 site specific performances will have taken place in various locations around King County between June and December 2007. For current schedule and information click here.

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