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2014 - 2015 Youth Arts Awards

Art with Heart
Two artists will lead 48 sessions of painting, drawing and creative writing for 30 Ryther female teens to assist in processing trauma through creative expression.
Arts Corps
Seven artists will lead 780 hours of after-school arts instruction and leadership training to 165 South Seattle teens. Sessions in music, poetry and dance will be offered with select students organizing outreach, performance and event management.
Etienne Cakpo
Thirty hours of West African dance and drum rhythms will be taught during spring term by one artist to middle and high school students. Performances will be scheduled at the student's schools, World Rhythm Festival and at Northwest Folklife Festival.
Center for Wooden Boats
Through a 30 hour, session on history, traditional re-skinning of an Umiak (boat) and cedar paddle carving led by three cultural specialists, eight youth will learn authentic native methods. A launch of the completed Umiak will close the sessions.
Alex Chadsey
A bilingual team of eight Seattle/LA artists will engage 56 youth at the King County Youth Detention Center in 10 hours of songwriting lessons.
Coyote Central
Ten middle school adolescents in 20-hour multi-arts courses will engage with 18 artists to learn the skills, techniques and tools via apprenticeship during Fall/Winter terms.
Suzanne Edison
Writer will teach a reading-writing series for 10 teens with chronic or ongoing health issues. A collection of work will be published with a group reading at Odessa Brown Clinic.
El Centro de la Raza
Two artists will provide 804 hours of after-school traditional art, crafts and altar-building sessions to 139 at-risk Latino youth. Teens will design and build the central on-site ofrenda (altar) or create an ofrenda at schools for a community event.
Pat Graney
Fifty-five hours of movement, American Sign Language and visual arts workshops by 3 artists will be offered to 20 Interagency School teen girls that explore personal identity and community. Completed works will be shared with the class.
Stephanie Guerra
Forty hours of a year-long literacy-building workshops with approximately 200 youth in the King County Juvenile Detention.
International Capoeira Angola Foundation
Five artists will lead 40 hours of after-school capoeira dance/movement, music and reflective journaling sessions for 15 youth for a group community showcase.
Jack Straw Foundation
Thirty teens with chronic and critical health needs will participate in 40 hours of hands-on, multi-arts workshops taught by 10 artists and mentors to create audio pieces. Sessions close with public and private presentations.
Na'ah Illahee Fund
Twenty Native middle and high school youth embark on 20 hours of out-of-school, multi-disciplinary sessions on Indigenous peoples' traditions. The sessions will include ecological knowledge including the Lushootseed Coast Salish language to create new digital media.
Photo Center Northwest
Two artists will lead 55 hours of a year-long, after-school digital-photography program for 30 immigrant and refugee middle and high school youth. Hands-on instruction, field trips, activities and assignments will culminate in a school exhibit.
Pongo Publishing
A 144 hour poetry program in King County Juvenile Detention by two artists for 192 distressed teens to use writing as a tool to cope with difficult feelings.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Eleven artists will lead 926 hours of multi-arts of after-school, week-end and summer workshops for 224 middle and high school teens for two summer exhibits.
Red Eagle Soaring
Intergenerational workshops for 25 teens led by six artists will include 50 hours of talking circles, dramatic improvisation, traditional and digital storytelling, and music to shape a full production.
Reel Grrls
Three media camps led by 3 artists will offer 40 hours of production to fifty girls that produce animated films. Camps serve girls both with and without an incarcerated parent. Screenings for familty and friends presented at closing.
Richard Hugo House
Sixty teens will engage with 24 writers in 150 hours of intensive creative writing sessions including critiques, field trips and guest speakers. Series culminates with a published anthology and public readings.
Rubicon Foundation
Eight high school teens engage in 63 hours of structural design, woodworking and carpentry to build a mobile strucuture for the homeless led by eight architects and carpenters.
Seattle Jazz Orchestra
Four jazz musicians lead 720 hours of instruction, preparation and performance for 170 youth culminating in end-of-year concerts at each school.
Seattle JazzED
One hundred and fifty teens from CD and Rainier Valley will participate in 210 year-long, jazz-based sessions lead by seven acclaimed musicians to cover basic to advanced and ensemble performance. An end-of-year concert will be scheduled.
Seattle Neighborhood Group / Totem Star Records
Two teaching artists will lead a multi-media production and mentorship in Fall term with eight Southwest Seattle youth that culminates in an open mic, film screeing and exhibit.
Seattle University
Eighteen Yesler Terrace youth will participate in 186 hours of civic dialogue, photography and documentary film taught by five artists. A youth-driven showcase of the story of the changing neighborhood will close sessions.
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras
In partnership with West Seattle Community Orchestras, this year-long program provides string music training, string instrument coaching orchestra membership to 60 youth by four musicians to close with winter and spring concerts.
Southwest Youth and Family Services
During a week-long summer series, one artist will lead 24 hours of visual art and poetry workshops focused on Lichtenstein and Pop Art. Nearly 25 youth will generate work prompted by their own lives. Series culminates with a public exhibition and performance.
Centerstone / Urban Wilderness Project
Blue Corps will train 12 youth to engage audiences as environmental artists and performers through intensive workshops and sessions to culminate with a video chapbook and public performance at the Olympic Sculpture Park.
Shaudi Vahdat
Four artists conduct 64 hours of performance workshops in performance art for 25 homeless and foster youth. Pieces are based on the youth's own stories and experiences, and will culminate in a community showcase.
Teen Tix
Two artists will provide 48 hours of critique and culture writing sessions, including guest journalists and editors, to 24 youth,. As portals for young people to engage as art critics, work will be sited on social media.
Vietnamese Friendship Association
To explore cultural identities and gain appreciation for diversity, 20 immigrant and refugee students will participate in 84 hours of filmmaking sessions with one artist to produce videos for screening.
WAPI Community Services
Serving 40 youth, four artists will lead 354 hours of all-year sessions in DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, recording-mixing and certification-entrepreneural skills for winter and spring events.
Wing Luke Memorial Foundation
Through 242 hours of out of studio, field trips and exhibit design sessions, 32 immigrant Asian Pacific American youth will generate original works to be curated teen leaders in the gallery.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
A summer series will provide 40 young people with 400 hours of Shakespearean theater led by two artists and two mentors. To close the series, 10-11 public performances will be offered throughout the city.
Youth in Focus
Six artists plus mentors will lead a sequential, year-long, 28-session photography-printing series for over 300 youth at all skill levels. Teens will produce final images, self-portraits and artist statements for quarterly shows in Rainier Valley.