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2012 - 2013 Youth Arts Awards

Arts Corps
600 youth will participate in 684 sessions of multi-arts classes taught by 22 artists at various locations culminating in a spring showcase performance.
Center for Wooden Boats
Ten teens will engage in boat design/build classes and construct models for a public showcase at the center.
Mary Coss
Using personal stories, 40 East African youth will engage in a five-month series of intensive workshops with traditional Islamic and African artists. Participants will examine life in contemporary America and Islamic traditions to create artwork for an exhibit and panel discussion.
Coyote Central
Eighteen teaching artists will lead 470 teens in project-based apprenticeship courses in multiple art forms at a range of studios and community-based locations.
Diverse Harmony
Over 40 LGBTQ teens will participate in weekly vocal, staging and performance training led by two artists throughout the academic year for quarterly public and thematic performances.
Freehold Theatre Lab Studio
Two artists will lead 40 hours of theater and spoken word sessions for 14 youth from referred Southeast Youth & Family Services. Participants will produce scripts for two public performances at Youngstown Cultural Center.
Gage Academy of Art
Twenty-four artists will offer year-round, weekly, evening art skill-building sessions for 1,288 teens whose body of multi-media work will be showcased at downtown, Southeast and Capitol Hill sites.
Girls Rock! Seattle
Two week-long summer camps led by 10 artists offering 120 teen girls instrumental rock, composition, staging, performance skills plus coach newly formed/existing bands that close with performances at professional venues.
Maria Gitana
Five artists will teach an after-school, fall series of introductory Flamenco dance classes for 15 teens including a field trip to a youth Flamenco festival and culminating with a community performance.
Stephanie Guerra
One artist will lead an after-school, fall series of introductory Flamenco dance classes for 14 teens and culminate with a community performance.
Jack Straw Foundation
Led by 10 teaching artists, 30 youth with chronic and critical health needs will use accessible audio technology to create original flash dramas—music/soundscapes with movement—for in-studio presentations.
The James and Janie Washington Foundation
One artist will lead a month-long screen printing summer residency—including mentoring and portfolio development—for 18 high school teens who will examine the interplay of arts/politics. The residency will culminate in a teen-curated exhibt at the Northwest African American Museum.
Thaddeus Jurczynski
Fifteen homeless teens will participate in a month-long series of hands-on workshops to create batik self-portraits from photos that culminates in a group exhibit in a Pioneer Square gallery.
Lauren Marshall
Via acting classes, two teaching artists will lead communication skill development for 10 youth with Asperger's-autism-ADHD culminating in presentation of short original plays.
Kathleen McHugh
Two teaching artists from Theater of Possibilitywill lead communication skill development sessions for 10 youth with Asperger's-autism-ADHD culminating in presentation of short original plays.
Orion Out Loud
Actors and a dramaturge will lead 26 homeless and at-risk teens in playwriting workshops that will culminate in one-act plays written by the students and read on stage by professional actors.
Andrew Peterson
A year-long, sequential, after-school program offering 30 South Shore K-8 youth hands-on instruction in designing and building robots using electronics, engineering, and art in a peer teaching-learning setting culminating in a community exhibit.
Photographic Center Northwest
Two teaching artists will focus on literacy and language acquisition through an after-school photography program for 30 refugee and immigrant teens culminating in a public exhibit.
Pongo Publishing
Teaching artists and mentors will offer poetry-writing sessions to 196 youth in juvenile detention. The year-long program will culminate in an in-house reading and a literary book will be produced for promotion at Northwest Folklife Festival and Bumbershoot.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Thirty-two artists will lead 396 out-of-school, multi-visual arts sessions to 78 mainstream/mixed ability youth at on- and off-site locations culminating in public exhibitions.
Red Eagle Soaring
Four artists will lead summer drama workshops based on the play The Remember—examining the legacy of Indian Boarding Schools—for 29 Native American youth culminating in a public performance at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center.
Reel Grrls
Eight media artists will lead public workshops to produce animated films. The workshops will engage 60 immigrant and refugee middle-school girls and culminate in an annual Spring Showcase.
Rubicon Foundation
Three artists will work with youth to create a site-specific wood shelter. The course will include design, modeling, building, videography and photography techniques and culminate in a community screening and presentation.
Seattle Art Museum
Thirty artists will offer workshops on multi-media art making, leadership and programming for 1,085 high school teens. The year-long program will generate numerous youth-driven events showcasing their work at the museum.
Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras
SYSO teaching artists will engage 65 youth in all levels of string music, ensemble and performance in partnership with West Seattle Community Orchestras, culminating in neighborhood concerts.
Spectrum Dance Theater
Thirty Madrona middle school youth will engage in after-school traditional West African and Brazilian dance classes led by two artists with a live percussionist. The dance classes will culminate in one school and one Spectrum studio performance.
Abdoulaye Sylla
An African percussion artist will offer weekly drop-in classes on West African drumming for 20 teens at the Orion Center for homeless youth.
The Nature Consortium
Three artists will lead quarterly sessions in vocals, graphic design and landscaping/site-specific arts to 80 youth in Southeast and Central neighborhoods culminating in a showcase of work at the annual Arts In Nature Festival.
Velocity Dance Center
Four dance/choreographers will provide 25 teens with master dance classes and media technique workshops to create original movement and video dance pieces for public performances and screenings.
Washington Asian/Pacific Islander Families Against Substance Abuse
Three artists will lead urban/graffitti art and music-production sessions focused on hip-hop culture for 40 youth who will produce CD's and clothing accessories. The year-long program will culminate in a public performance.
Wing Luke Memorial Foundation
Four artists will engage 34 youth in studio visits and development of visual arts and curatorial skills. The program will examine relevant social issues and identity. Participants will develop a portfolio of new work for exhibition at the museum.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
Two artists, with alumni assistants, will lead a summer Shakespearean theater workshop for 30 new and returning youth culminating in a recital and performances.
Youth in Focus
In partnership with one school and one community agency, two artists will engage 45 teens in digital photography classes with a focus on storytelling. The year-long program will culminate in three public showcases.