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2011 - 2012 Youth Arts Awards

The 5th Avenue Theater Association
Two hundred youth with a range of experience will participate in a summer musical theater training series including fundamentals, rehearsals and performance led by 32 professional artists.
A Contemporary Theatre
Twenty youth will participate in afterschool playwriting clinics to complete an original play incorporating aspects from their own lives and imaginations. Professional actors will read select scripts at a culminating event.
Arts Corps
Six hundred middle and high school youth led by 22 artists at schools, community centers and other sites will engage in sessions covering a spectrum of arts lessons that will culminate in a spring showcase.
Nicole Appell
Eighteen middle school youth will design mosaic stepping stones with a community theme for a public entry at McClure Middle School. A neighborhood reception and unveiling of the work will close the project.
Asian American Performing Arts Theatre
A master artist will lead an afterschool Chinese ethnic dance program mixed with cultural traditions and language for 20 high school teens. The program will close with three public performances.
Asian Counseling and Referral Service
Twenty middle school youth will participate in a summer photography workshop focusing on personal stories, identity and community. The workshop will conclude with a showcase in the agency's gallery.
Toby Campbell
Campbell will collaborate with community partners to offer year-long courses in video production and licensing and music composition for film, television and video games. Culminating showcases will take place at each partner site.
Cinema Seattle
Industry professionals will offer free multi-disciplinary film workshops for 40 teens with all skill levels. Participants will gain insight and experience in the various aspects of filmmaking via hands-on opportunities, panel presentations and film critiques.
Coyote Central
More than 300 sessions taught by painters, photographers, writers, cartoon animators, filmmakers and more will engage 450 youth during fall, winter and spring terms in studio and professional art venues.
Social dance lessons including cultural roots of swing and salsa will be offered afterschool by two artists at five high schools for 150 youth.
Experience Learning Community
One hundred teens will participate in hands-on workshops and camps linked to Experience Music Project exhibits and collections and receive instruction in contemporary, improvisational music and performance.
Filipino Community Center
Three workshops covering oral history, documentary, poetry and cartooning will be offerd to 40 immigrant teens who will produce a film, write poetry and create comic books about their lives. Their work will be featured at community festivals.
Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center
Two artists will lead an afterschool program for 30 youth in printmaking and recycled sculpture based on themes of personal and cultural identity. The students' work will be showcased at the Georgetown Art Walk.
Hollow Earth Radio
Forty-eight youth led by four artists will learn radio theater productions, broadcast group plays and learn circuit bending - the modification of electronic toys to make original instruments. A group showcase and performance will close the two sessions.
International Capoeira Angola Foundation
Partnering with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, a 10-week class of capoeira, percussion instruction and Portuguese song will be offered to 14 youth. The class will culminate with a traditional 'roda or song circle.
Jack Straw Foundation
Thirty youth with chronic and critical health needs will work with mentors to learn and apply accessible theater, radio, sound/music, dance and video techniques to create new work in a professional studio. Audio pieces will be public via radio, web or podcast.
Northwest Film Forum
A two-week, immersive series of media workshops led by six artists will be offered to 24 teens. The summer sessions will cover essential skills in filmmaking and animation with a showcase at the annual Children's Film Festival presented by the Northwest Film Forum.
Orion Out Loud
A two-part program led by 14 playwrights and dramaturgs for 20 homeless youth will include a workshop on playwriting, rehearsals and staged reading. Youth will also participate in a longer intensive to complete one-act plays for four public performances by actors at a professional theater.
Andrew Peterson
Fourteen youth from South Shore School will learn basic concepts in electronics and engineering and employ artistic approaches to build robots. A public exhibit of their creations will close the class.
Serene Petersen
Through a hands-on workshop series aligned with museum exhibits, 14 high school youth will produce stop-motion animated films based on facets of their lives. Guest artists will share their work and a culminating screening will showcase the teens' work.
Photographic Center Northwest
An afterschool photography program will train 20 multilingual immigrant and refugee middle and high school youth through classes, field trips and assignments incorporating aspects of family and culture. The students' work will be featured in a culminating exhibit.
Pongo Publishing
A year-long poetry program at King County Juvenile Detention featuring workshops and readings will culminate with the publication of chapbooks of the youth poetry distributed at the NW Folklife and Bumbershoot festivals.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Free visual arts training for more than 400 middle and high school youth will be offered at the Chinese Information & Service Center and Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. Youth work will be exhibited at Pratt, Douglass-Truth branch of The Seattle Public Library and the Downtown YMCA Triangle Art Gallery.
Red Eagle Soaring
Twenty American Indian and Alaska Native youth will participate in a 10-week beginning and advanced drama workshop series. A public performance will take place at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.
Reel Grrls
An after-school and weekend media arts production program will engage 140 youth and close with a public screening. Training topics cover animation, video poetry, cinematography and TV documentaries.
Richard Hugo House
Twenty writers will lead 630 young writers in open writing circles, peer-to-peer sessions, open mics and on-site literary events. Participants will read, critique and explore voice and language.
Seattle Architectural Foundation
Ninety teens will work with four design professionals to explore architectural and neighborhood design via sketching, computer modeling and sculpture. The teens' models will be showcased at an annual downtown exhibit.
Seattle Art Museum
A range of year-long opportunities and activities will engage 900 high school students in multi-arts workshops. The program also includes curatorial, tour guide and leadership opportunities for youth to present museum events and programming tailored to their peer interests.
Seattle JazzED
Seasoned musician-composers will lead jazz ensemble sessions for 150 middle and high school youth of all skill levels at three sites. Teen performances will take place throughout the school year with a May showcase.
Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
Six jazz scholar artists will introduce afterschool instrumental music and jazz technique lessons plus a summer combo performance program to 31 selected students at Denny Middle School. Lessons will prepare intermediate students for advanced levels and potential entrance into established district jazz programs.
Seattle Public Theatre
Curriculum-based training for 60 teens in behind-the-scenes technical theater disciplines taught by eight theater artists will culminate in a final team design project.
Seattle Theatre Group
Under the mentorship of five professional musicians and visiting masters, 35 young musicians will engage in a summer songwriting lab with music business instruction. Concert attendance and a final showcase will culminate the series.
The Service Board
Fifty youth will engage in multimedia afterschool learning labs and a summer art service program in glass and mosaics led by eight artists. Public showcases will close each program at The Vera Project and Ouch My Eye Gallery.
SouthEast Effective Development
Ten teens, each paired with an artist, will create mosaic pieces reflecting cultural heritage, farming and the environment for installation and a public dedication at the Lake Washington Apartment Community Garden.
Spectrum Dance Theatre
Two master dancers will lead a year-long afterschool residency featuring traditional Brazilian and African dance and traditions for 40 middle school youth at Madrona K-8 School. A costumed production with traditional foods will close the residency.
Abdoulaye Sylla
Abdoulaye Sylla, a traditional master artist, will offer weekly drumming sessions for a year for 50 Orion Center youth. The sessions will feature a variety of Guinean percussion instruments.
The Talented Youth
Nine media artists will provide advanced workshops and a summer series for 300 teens focused on Danish film techniques and styles. The students' work will be streamed online and their films showcased at the annual NFFTY event in May.
Three Dollar Bill Cinema
Seven filmmakers will lead a week-long basic filmmaking course for 15 LGBTQ youth allowing them to express their identity and voice. The student films will be screened at the 17th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and submitted to festivals around the world.
Urban Wilderness Project
Storytelling based on African, Native American and Irish traditions will be the focus of a fall-winter storytelling series for 140 teens culminating in two performances.
The Vera Project
Year-round instruction, internship and volunteer opportunities led by 15 artists in music production, recording, engineering, performance and silkscreen printing for more than 1,000 young people. Participating teens will demonstrate skills and art work at ongoing events on site.
Washington Pacific Islander
Forty youth will participate in year-long sessions in hip-hop music, break-dancing, zines and graffiti as urban art via open labs, critiques and rehearsals. A closing performance led by youth will showcase all work.
Washington Ensemble Theatre
Three actors will lead a month-long, summer-intensive theater course that shares the unique perspective of 300 LGBT teens. Each session will produce one theater piece and one installation reflecting their experiences.
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience
Sixty-two immigrant and refugee Asian Pacific American youth will participate in hands-on, museum-based art sessions interwoven with tradition and heritage to produce artwork, exhibits and programs that address relevant issues. Final work and exhibits will be open to the public.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
Two artists and three alumni mentors will lead a summer-long sequential series offering 400 hours of instruction and rehearsal in Shakespearean theatre for 40 new and returning youth. The series will culminate in 10 public performances for all ages at various venues throughout the city.
Youth in Focus
Forty teens from five community organizations will develop artistic skills and personal voice via instruction in digital photography led by a professional photographer. Select works will be featured in a public exhibit.