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2009 - 2010 Youth Arts Awards

826 Seattle
Thirty youth will participate in a series of artist-led workshops, where they will draw and write about themselves in comic book form.
American Asian Performing Arts Theatre
Thirty-two immigrant youth will participate in Chinese traditional, contemporary and ballet dance lessons, including cultural traditions, language, costume and music.
Arts Corps
After-school art classes in all art forms, including performing, visual, literary and media arts, will engage 500 youth at schools and community centers across Seattle.
Associated Recreation Council
The South Park Community Center's late night teen program will offer training in Super 8 filmmaking, stop-motion animation and music production to 45 youth.
Bridges to Understanding
Digital technology and storytelling instruction will help 45 youth broach cultural topics via an interactive Web site with their peers in Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, Cambodia and India. The projecet will culminate in a film fest.
Toby Campbell
Fifty teen girls will attend a week-long, summer rock-music camp, where they will form bands; take music lessons; and learn music production, audio engineering and programming.
Center for Wooden Boats
Master carver Saaduuts will lead 36 youth in carving a 38-foot cedar log into a canoe for the United Indians of All Tribes. Participants will also learn traditional Haida drumming and singing.
Cinema Seattle
More than 50 youth, most of Native American heritage, will participate in a two-day filmmaking intensive resulting in several short films that will be featured at the Seattle International Film Festival.
Coyote Central
More than 400 youth will participate in interactive workshops across multiple artistic disciplines. The sessions, led by experienced teaching artists in professional studios, will culminate in showcases of the students' work.
El Centro de la Raza
Thirty Latino youth will present a Fandango dance celebration following a series of lessons in traditional Son Jarocho dance and song with African, Spanish and Mexican roots. Mexican artists will offer hands-on instruction in the art form's unique instruments, lyrics and costumes.
Gage Academy of Art
A year-round, Friday-night drop-in studio offers 700 teens art supplies, lessons and a chance to socialize in a safe place. Participants will showcase their work at a public exhibit.
Jack Straw Foundation
Twelve youth with critical health needs will work with a team of artists, radio producers and audio engineers to write, interview, create and present audio stories.
Music Northwest
A week-long chamber music camp will engage 50 student musicians in ensemble performance techniques, movement and rhythm and master classes. The camp will culminate in one in-house recital and two public recitals.
Northwest African American Museum
Fifteen teens from Garfield, Franklin and Rainier Beach high schools will create a semi-permanent public artwork from recycled materials at Jimi Hendrix Park. The summer session will include field trips, guest speakers, and lessons in planning, fabrication and installation.
Northwest Dance Network
More than 40 high school students will participate in after-school swing dance lessons culminating in a showcase at the 2010 NW Folklife Festival to live music by the Garfield Jazz Ensemble.
Northwest Film Forum
A series of workshops will offer 300 hours of hands-on instruction in basic and intermediate film production and animation for 100 youth who will write scripts and tell stories through digital film and traditional animation. Their work will be screened at a youth film festival.
Northwest Folklife
Two master African artists will lead after-school sessions in West African polyrhythmic drumming, culture, costume, dance and singing for 25 immigrant youth from Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. culminates in four community performances.
Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools
Twenty middle school students study blues music and its history, with instruction in guitar, drums, bass, harmonica and percussion. Lessons will incorporate the poetry and lyrics of Langston Hughes, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles and Ernestine Anderson, and culminate in a community concert of the students' work.
Photographic Center Northwest
Twenty immigrant/refugee youth will engage in 470 hours of after-school photography training encouraging them to capture their family life and culture through photogaphy. The course will culminate in a group exhibit.
Pongo Publishing
Nearly 200 teens in King County Juvenile Detention will participate in poetry and creative writing sessions to encourage self expression and offer a positive outlet for difficult experiences and emotions. A publication will feature pieces by the participants.
Pratt Fine Arts Center
Nearly 500 teens from the Central and International districts will participate in a series of after-school and Saturday classes in glass art, painting/drawing, bookbinding and printmaking at Pratt. The program will result in multiple community exhibits at schools, libraries and youth service agencies.
Reel Grrls
Animation documentary techniques, camera operation and scriptwriting are the subject of a year-long program for 115 teen girls. Participants will work in small groups led by teaching artists. The program will culminate in a screening of the students' work.
Richard Hugo House
A team of professional writers will offer writing workshops for 300 teens in a wide range of literary genres, including scriptwriting, poetry, songwriting, fiction and journalism. The students' work will be featured at readings and in publication.
Rubicon Foundation
A summer series will introduce 15 high school youth to printmaking and its artistic and practical applications. Students will learn to garden, cook and can, as well as study design, linoleum-woodblock, silkscreen, and letterpress. They will incorporate what they learn to produce jar labels, posters and T-shirts for two summer exhibits.
School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts
Fourteen youth will participate in a year-long series of theatrical workshops and coaching to create, rehearse and perform original acts, including acrobatics, juggling, human pyramids, stilt walking and aerial performances. The young circus artists will perform at public events and festivals.
Seattle Art Museum
The museum will offer drop-in art activities and workshops for 1,350 youth on weekends and during the summer and school breaks. The programs range from creating art to an advisory teen group that develops youth programs that culminate in showcases.
Seattle Chamber Players
Members of the Seattle Chamber Players and composer Janice Giteck will lead a series of composition workshops for 15 student musicians who attend South End high schools. The students will write quartets, and the Seattle Chamber Players will perform the students' original scores at school performance.
Seattle Theatre Group
Forty youth from the national Black Achievers Program (BAP) will receive music, theater and dance training by local professional artists, culminating in a workshop performance.
Southeast Effective Development
Fifteen Rainier Valley youth will participate in an after-school project combining public art and business training. The students will design 25 vinyl street banners that will later be turned into 50 recycled tote bags they will market and sell.
The 5th Avenue Theatre Association
Nearly 700 Seattle high school students with an interest in musical theater will get the chance to meet with leading theater professsionals involved in the 5th Avenue Theatre's season productions. Nine sessions will cover topics such as voice/vocals, choreography, and stage presence, and will include a dinner and post-show talk back with each cast.
The Service Board
Eighty youth from Southeast and Southwest Seattle will participate in introductory art classes and three art leadership labs on music and multimedia production, performing, and visual arts. Student artworks will be part of a community art show.
The Vera Project
Via an annual, comprehensive series of sessions, internships and experiential learning opportunities, 980 youth will learn skills including silkscreening, podcasting, live sound engineering and studio recording, while working on shows and the underage music venue.
Washington Asian/Pacific Islander Families Against Substance Abuse
Three artists will offer a year-long training intensive for 20 youth who have completed or are in drug treatment. The program will incude 180 hours of instruction in writing lyrics or stories, recording and editing, graphic design and social media. Participants will produce portfolios and a group performance of their original works.
Young Shakespeare Workshop
Two actors with three alumni mentors will lead a summer session for 40 youth offering 400 hours of instruction in works by plawrights William Shakespeare, Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inez. Students will receive instruction in acting, voice and fencing. The summer workshop culminates in public performances in English and Spanish.
Youth Media Institute
Youth will examine the changing and diverse High Point neighborhood in West Seattle via a multi-media presentation. A sereis of after-school small-group trainings for 130 youth will cover audio/video production, print media, digital photography and media literacy. The students will host a community screening, and SCAN TV will broadcast their finished piece.
Youth Speaks Seattle
Spoken-word artists will offer weekly workshops for 360 youth in performance poetry, creative writing, storytelling, and playwriting. Writing-circle sessions will take place at the Central Library and a Southwest rehab center. The writing exercises will culminate in a publication and/or community performances.